A Visit To Royal Greenwich

Published February 7, 2012 by Angel Rose

On Sunday I decided to take a daytrip upto the new Royal Borough Greenwich. It has been some time since I last went there as a teenager so was looking forward to the trip.

I took the Thames Clipper from Westminister, which probably wasn’t the best idea as it was freakin freezing going up the river. The journey however was lovely, you really cannot appreciate how much lovely architecture there is in London until you see it from the river. It truly is breathtaking.

I arrived in Greenwich town centre around midday, on arriving found that the old pier is currently being re-developed. It looks a little bit too modern for my taste but let”s see what the finished product looks like. The Cutty sark is still under restoration work although you could clearly see the ship in all of her glory with the three masts looking spectacular. I must admit I wasn’t really taken with the concept of the ship being lifted onto a glass bubble. Yes I know it is modern but I much prefer seeing things in their original state. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

Walking around Greenwich town centre I could not believe it was the same place, the good old pie & mash shop is no more, a little italian restaurant I used to like has disappeared from church street. I could not believe how many mainstream companies have taken over this small old fashioned village, I passed Starbucks, Costa coffee, Mc donalds, all in a little town which I always remember being authentic and original.

The old antique market has been demolished to make way for another university campus, thankfully the old theatre is still there and the old cinema has been re-opened as a picture house. I cannot believe how much has changed.

I took a stroll through the traditional covered Greenwich Market. I was really impressed with how many stalls were on offer. A few too many food stalls for my liking but there was plenty of arts stalls. I enjoyed ‘Quirk London’ stall which was a photographer who has photographed letters of the alphabet in everyday places around London and she spells out words with the photographs. It is so clever and i really applaud the girl for taking a risk and trying something different. Good for her.

The real highlight for me was coming across ‘Muttleys Kitchen’ a doggy deli. Run by one guy who freshly bakes the dog treats in the morning before bringing them to the market. The treats are all made out of natural ingredients and contain no additives, ash or other crap that you usually find in dog treats. The treats themselves look like little pasties for dogs and came in a variety of flavours such as liver, tuna, cheese, garlic, beef and chicken. Impressed by this I bought a bag of the fresh chicken treats for my Labrador who I must say absoloutely loves them. I would strongly recommend all dog owners check this stall out. I always feed my pets on natural foods so finding natural treats is a big bonus. my cats even enjoyed the chicken pastie treat.

On leaving the market with my greenwich goodies I ended the trip by taking a stroll through the royal park, it is just as beautiful as I remember it, lot’s of old trees, lovely atmosphere with young couples taking a Sunday walk. It really was a lovely day. I only wish I had someone special to share the day with, but we can’t have everything.

Angel x


A fresh Star & More About Me…..

Published February 4, 2012 by Angel Rose

So here I am officially blogging on wordpress.

So seen as this is all new I should probably tell you all a little bit about myself (if anyone is even reading which I highly doubt)

Ok well to start off with I was born to a musical family so music is definitely in my genes. My father played in a well known rock band until they split up, but I won’t say anymore on that because it’s irrelevant. But you can say I’ve always been a rock chick and always loved music.

I used to sing in a rock band called ‘The Falling Feathers’ it was an all girl rock band, we got alot of interest as all the other girls were gay so it generated alot of interest for the wrong reasons. We made one album and toured but split up and went our seperate ways after the tour ended.

After the band seperated I modelled, which I can honestly say is the most boring career choice ever! I appeared in a few commercials and billboards but nothing overly glamourous. I was asked to pose nude which to me was the icing on the cake as I never wanted to be a fake glamour model so I turned the offer down. Since then I’ve been asked to appear on celebrity big brother which again I turned down as 1) I’m not a celebrity, and 2) I think reality shows are stupid and fake and people who appear in them are only famous because of the shows. It’s just not me, it’s not something I would be interested in. If I became famous I’d want it to be through my work as an artist.

After I quit the modelling world I decided to study and train up as a photographer. Which is exactly what I did. I studied it for 3 years and once qualified started to establish myself as a professional photographer. I shoot a wide range of different subjects. Anything from rock bands in a studio, live music photography, documentary photography through to photo journalism. I work regularly with BBC News & weather as a photo journalist and often freelance with various tabloids. It’s the one job I enjoy doing.

I’ll be using this blog to post updates on my photography until I can get a proper website setup.

Angel x